Our dental office wants to help keep your teeth in their best shape and help them last a lifetime or repair and provide good options for any restoration. One of the most common dental procedures are dental fillings.

Fillings repair, strengthen, and restore the surface of a tooth. A filling may be required if a tooth has decay or is fractured. A tooth's surface may also need to be evened out to improve your bite or ability to chew properly. If tooth decay or small cracks (fractures) in teeth are not repaired early it can worsen and additional treatment or other methods of tooth restoration maybe needed. Filling usually will last 5-12 years though it depends on the type of filling material.

Symptoms of decay or damage to a tooth include tooth sensitivity (which may or may not need a filling) or more obvious, chipped or cracks in teeth. A dentist will help you in diagnosing your symptoms and provide you with treatment options if any treatment is required. It is important to take good care of your teeth early to prevent further tooth decay or loss of any teeth. By treating any damaged or decaying teeth early can avoid more invasive treatment or tooth loss.

At your appointment, a dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and supporting bone structure then discuss recommended treatment. Dental FillingsIf it is agreed that a filling be done, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic to the affected area of your mouth, then use a hand-held instrument to remove any decay or damage from the tooth's surface. The dentist then cleans the tooth to remove any debris and bacteria. A dental dam (protective sheet) is used to keep the tooth clean and so no saliva gets in during the procedure. The dentist will select dental filling material based on the placement of the tooth, the location of the damaged area of the tooth, and according to the damage of the tooth's surface. The preferred options for fillings are tooth-colored composite filling materials, cementable resins, and porcelains. The dentist will recommend the best filling type for you. The tooth is then filled and shaped to match the look and feel of a natural tooth. A special hand-held light is held over the filling to harden it.

At our dental office, we use all the latest techniques and top equipment to help make your dental procedure comfortable. We provide you with oral hygiene information to you so you can keep up with good dental health from home too.